Julien Soisson (H.96)
The French Distiller

Dublin. Julien knows more than anyone that your job must correspond to what you like most. If he had 24h left in Dublin, he’d go with friends at the beach, having one last whisky and one last cigar. Being the CFO of the biggest maker of Irish whiskey seems pretty natural then.

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Thilo Weigert (H.17) – A Mirror from Over the Rhine

Thilo is the last interview we made for HEC United's first edition, and he will actually graduate from his masters the same years as we will. Entrepreneur-spirited, ambitious and attached to the link between France and Germany: he has given us a great mirror image of our generation from over the Rhine.
About: Entrepreneurship - Bavaria - Living in building D inferno

Jean Luc Allavena (H.86) – Dream Big

Jean-Luc has a strong sense of community and wants future generations to benefit from his work. For now he has created the HEC Foundation scholarships, worked as chief of staff for the Prince of Monaco and is contributing to dozens of private and public initiatives. Will you remember him ?
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